Thursday, 28 February 2013


'Fatal Truths' my new psychological thriller and the last in the Louise Moon series is now available on Amazon Kindle. It's a brand new novel, published for the first time as an e-book by Endeavour Press.

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High Tory Honcho, David Cameron has refused to stand off on the so-called bedroom tax which will force people living in social housing who have a surplus bedroom into moving out and downsizing. The problem with that  is there is little surplus social housing for them to downsize into, and the government is thus going to have spend more on subsidising rents in the private sector. Chancellor Osborne is already borrowing a billion pounds more than Gordon Brown did, in spite of all these Tory cuts and 'austerity measures'. Where is this borrowed money going?  Brown borrowed to sustain the welfare state which Cameron et al are bent on destroying at the expense of the poor and the disabled. The bedroom tax has provoked outrage on the part of medical and social care charities working with disabled adults and children, so Cameron said he would look at each case on an individual basis.That's a lot of cases - 120,000 and counting (Channel 4 News 28 February). To take up the slack, the government are now going to allocate  £30 million to local councils to set up and administer assessment procedures for the individuals subject to the new policy. That's a waste of money and a laughable game of politics by anybody's book. Lord Freud, the minister responsible for steering through the new changes, had nothing to say but 'Erm' to the reporter who finally caught up with him from Channel 4. Too posh to be interviewed, the Tories always seem to run and hide behind vague statements and airy-fairypromises. Freud and Cameron need a good stuffing from Jeremy Paxman.  Only lunatics would elect these people to a second term. They've messed up the economy and,worse than that, they've cut the safety net for vulnerable people. Aneurin Bevin must be turning in his grave.