Wednesday, 28 November 2012


I just watched an episode from the current BBC/Open University series, 'Why Poverty'. The programme focuses on two Park Lanes: one in Manhattan, the other in the South Bronx. It's stuff that revolutions are made on.

Why are the rich so mean? Why do the poor allow them to be so mean? What has happened to the universal human spirit that it can be beaten down so crudely and so cruelly by a few mean bastards?  How can this creeping spirit of meanness and greed permeate the rafters of the world?

Some things to check out:

1. 'Former People: The Last Days of the Russian Aristocracy' by Douglas Smith (Macmillan)

2.   The New Testament (Jesus pulls no punches when it comes to the rich...)

3. Why Poverty?  (BBC, YouTube, Open University) 

You'd have to Google these links. I tried uploading the YouTube (Why Poverty?) video but there was a ghost in the machine...

mushroom (Anne Morgellyn )
'They shall by morning inherit the earth. Their foot's in the door' (Sylvia Plath)