Friday, 3 May 2013


My latest crime novel, Legally Bound, set in Regent's Park and the City of London is now available online at Amazon. The print version will be out later this year.

I conceived this story several years ago as a TV drama script, and encouraging noises were made about it by the BBC, but in the end - after two  years on option, they didn't produce it. So last year, I started writing it up as a crime novel. The key location is Regent's Park, the best park in London as far as I'm concerned. It was a cherished space for me to walk through on my way to work from Primrose Hill to Great Portland Street. At week ends, I hired a deck chair for the day and sunbathed, reading books and drinking cups of tea from the flask I brought with me. The gardens were my Riviera, full of characters - some of whom pop up in the background in this dark novel. A callous crime takes place in the park, although I always thought of it - and still do -  as a sanctuary....